Our Commonwealth Bank account is now closed.

Details of how to donate to us via our Bendigo Bank account (or via FRRR for Tax Deductible donations), are available below.





c/- 35 Aberfeldie Way

Caroline Springs, Victoria 3023

Helene & Dennis Ph 03 9363 7152



There seems to be some confusion in relation to donations in SA. We just need to clarify that BlazeAid will NOT be distributing donated items such as clothing, furniture, food, etc to fire-affected families.
There are other organisations that are doing a great job of organising this work.
We’re grateful to receive donations of fencing materials to distribute to families in need, and some food to help feed our volunteers.
Any other donated items need to be sent to one of the organisations coordinating these donations. Thank you. (6 Jan 2015)



BlazeAid relies entirely on donations and does not receive any government funding. All donations go directly to the work of providing support to rural landowners after natural disasters.


We rarely have any drop-off points for donated items other than at our basecamps or at Kilmore East. Information about drop-off points other than these would be included on our website.

If you have any concerns about someone approaching you for donations or asking you to deliver goods to another location, please contact us to verify that it is, in fact, for BlazeAid.


Our tool shed in 2009

Our tool shed in 2009

Your donation to BlazeAid will help us pay for fencing tools and equipment, safety gear for volunteers, general day-to-day running costs, tool maintenance, etc.


Donations are not used to used to fund or support the Administration position in any way (refer below). All Committee Members and Camp Coordinators are unpaid volunteers.



If you make a donation to BlazeAid, we will not give any of your details to any other organisations. We will not contact you at a later date asking for further donations.




Our Donation Wish List includes some of the items we would like to buy or receive.




Posts & Wire, and “tied” donations.

Generally, property owners are required to provide their own fencing materials. BlazeAid prefers to buy tools and equipment from our donations, so that we can help on many properties, rather than a limited number.


However, sometimes property owners simply can’t afford to buy the fencing materials they need. Fencing is often uninsured or under-insured.


If you would like to donate to BlazeAid and have your money go to a specific basecamp, or for Posts & Wire for deserving farmers, simply let us know. You can use any of the donation methods outlined below (including via FRRR).


When you send your donation (or notification of online donation), please tell us that you would like it to be “tied” to a particular area, or to purchase Posts & Wire in a particular area.


You can also buy plain wire, 70-90-30 ringlock, or 5’6″ steel posts and drop them off at the basecamp for distribution.


(The distribution of donated fencing materials is decided by the Camp Coordinator, who also considers local advice.)



Your Donation to BlazeAid can now be Tax Deductible. 


You can now receive a Tax Deductible Receipt from Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) for donations to BlazeAid, if you require one for tax purposes.


However, if you don’t need a Tax Receipt, you can continue to donate directly to BlazeAid.



Please note, our bank account has now changed. We are now with the Bendigo Bank.



Donations where you don’t need a Tax Receipt

Click here if you DO NOT need tax deductibility for your donation, and would like to donate directly to BlazeAid.




Donations where you do need a Tax Receipt

Click here if you DO need tax deductibility for your donation, and wish to donate through FRRR.




Your donation is very much appreciated, and will enable us to continue to help families in rural Australia affected by the devastation of natural disasters.




BlazeAid Administration Contractor

BlazeAid has received a tied Funding Grant from the Thyne Reid Foundation to pay for an Administration Contractor for the next two years. We are very grateful to the members of the Thyne Reid Foundation for supporting BlazeAid as our work expands.


With the massive increase in BlazeAid activity over the past three years, the Administrative work has increased significantly. Lyn Bailey has been a Volunteer since June 2009. She established most of the administrative and bookkeeping procedures for BlazeAid, in addition to working at various basecamps and helping run BlazeAid. She has been appointed as the BlazeAid Administrator for BlazeAid, and works as a Contractor (paid on an hourly basis for time worked).


When the annual funding from the Thyne Reid Foundation has been spent, Lyn will return to working as a BlazeAid Volunteer . Her position on the BlazeAid Committee continues to be in a voluntary capacity.



All donations received by BlazeAid will continue to go directly to our work of helping rebuild fencing and working with communities after natural disasters. Donations will not be used to fund or support the Administration position in any way.