Donations Wishlist

Donations Wishlist



Please scroll down for details of our Post and Wire drive.



We have an ongoing need for the following items to continue running our basecamps. We have tools and equipment that we’ve bought and been given since 2009, however, due to high usage, they need repairs or replacing:


  • Christie Post drivers, fencing pliers, C ring pliers, wire cutters, bolt cutters, quality wire strainers, gripple wire strainers, ringlock fence clamp/strainers, chainsaws, 12v Stihl Chainsaw Sharpeners, augers, star picket lifters, wire winders, wire twitchers
  • Hammers, sledge hammers, long-handled shovels, post hole shovels, crowbars, fuel cans,
  • Garden tools such as rakes, pitch forks, handles – new, used or in need of repair.
  • 6×4 and 7×4 trailers in good condition.
  • 8 x 10 foot waterproof tarps to cover loaded 6×4 trailers
  • Tea towels, plastic tablecloths. (Please note, we have enough cutlery and crockery at the moment.)
  • First aid supplies including constrictive bandages
  • Sunscreen, sunhats, waterbottles
  • UHF radios for use by volunteers when they are working out of mobile phone range, to improve communication and for safety reasons.
  • Fuel cards to help cover the cost of fuel used by volunteers when driving between the basecamp and the workplace locations. Teams of volunteers may need to travel from 10 km to over 100 km round trip each day to their workplace locations.
  • Steel posts, plain and barbed wire, fencing ties, etc to use at properties where the proprietor cannot afford to purchase them.
  • Food to help feed the volunteers at the basecamps and bottled water – please contact the basecamps direct.
  • General stationery items, including whiteboards in various sizes.

Please contact our Camp Coordinator if you can drop donations off at the basecamp.


Details for our Basecamp Coordinators are on our Contacts page.


Unfortunately, we are not able to collect items from you, as we do not have the resources.


Non-food donations can be dropped of at Kev’s Shed at Kilmore East. Please phone Kevin before delivery. Ph 0418 530 471



Posts & Wire, and “tied” donations.

Generally, property owners are required to provide their own fencing materials. BlazeAid prefers to buy tools and equipment from our donations, so that we can help on many properties, rather than a limited number.


However, sometimes property owners simply can’t afford to buy the fencing materials they need. Fencing is often uninsured or under-insured.


If you would like to donate to BlazeAid and have your money go to a specific basecamp, or for Posts & Wire for deserving farmers, simply let us know. You can use any of the donation methods outlined on our Donations Page.


When you send your donation (or notification of online donation), please tell us that you would like it to be “tied” to a particular area, or to purchase Posts & Wire in a particular area.


You can also buy plain wire, 70-90-30 ringlock, or 5’6″ steel posts and drop them off at the basecamp for distribution.


(The distribution of donated fencing materials is decided by the Camp Coordinator, who also considers local advice.)



BlazeAid helping communities rebuild after Natural Disasters.

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