Tax Deductible Donation

Thank you for donating to BlazeAid.
Your donation is very much appreciated, and will enable us to continue to help families in rural Australia affected by the devastation of natural disasters.

Click Here to download the Donation Form, and mail or email it to BlazeAid with details of your payment.

Donations emails address is:

You can donate in one of the following four ways:

1/ Direct Deposit
Account Name: BlazeAid Inc
Bank: Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633 000
Account No: 149 795 908
Details: Your name

2/ Cheques or Money Orders
Pease make Cheques or Money Orders payable to:
BlazeAid Inc

Post To:
PO Box 73
KILMORE   VIC   3764

Debbie 0418 990 267

Include your postal address for us to send acknowledgement or an email address if preferred.

If you make a donation by Direct Deposit, and require a receipt please email with your name, postal address and the amount and date of your donation. This will greatly assist us in our record keeping.

3/ Credit Over the Phone
You can ring Debbie on 0418 990 267 and she can process your credit card over the phone as we have a mobile eftpos machine at our main office.

4/ Paypal

BlazeAid helping communities rebuild after Natural Disasters.

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