Property Owners Workplace Agreement

Property Owners Workplace Agreement


BlazeAid and Property Owners Agreement/Guidelines

BlazeAid is a volunteer-based organization which assists disaster affected people to clear, repair or replace fences lost on their property as a result of natural disasters such as bushfires, floods or cyclones.

BlazeAid works with people who are in genuine need of volunteer assistance. This includes those who are not insured or are under-insured for the cost of rebuilding their fences, or where the personal, physical or financial circumstances of the family are such that they are in genuine need of BlazeAid’s assistance.
BlazeAid helps rebuild both internal and external fences to assist you in becoming productive again – let us know what your highest priority is.

When you register with BlazeAid, we’ll ask you for a few details of the damage sustained by the fire, flood or cyclone (eg fence completely destroyed or in need of repair, clearing to be done before fencing can start), the type of terrain (eg hilly, flat, across a creek, etc), any access or safety issues, an approx distance of the fencing to be done and the type of fencing.

To enable the smooth running of BlazeAid’s Fencing Program, we require you to agree to operate within the following Guidelines:

1. You or your representative (eg a family member or a friend) are required to work alongside the BlazeAid Volunteers at all times while they are on the property, unless previously arranged with BlazeAid. We will make exceptions to this rule if you need to run a farm (eg working on a header, dipping sheep, other animal welfare tasks, etc) and aren’t able to work directly on the fence rebuilding. Please discuss this with the Camp Coordinator.
2. We ask you to have a working mobile phone with you at all times while dealing with BlazeAid. This is for both planning and safety reasons. We also ask that you have the mobile phone numbers of the volunteers working with you. The volunteers will have each other’s phone numbers and your contact number. In areas where there is no mobile phone coverage, UHF radios will be used.
3. You need to obtain your own fencing materials (including posts, wire, gates, staples, pins, clips, etc). Please contact BlazeAid if you would like some advice about what fencing materials you will need.
4. We ask you to provide morning tea, lunch and water for the volunteers (unless your circumstances make this difficult – please discuss this with the Camp Coordinator if it’s an issue). Lunch could be sandwiches, a bbq, etc. Volunteers have breakfast and a two course evening meal provided at the basecamp. So lunch does not need to be a large cooked meal, but sufficient to sustain them for the afternoon.
5. BlazeAid has tools and equipment for Volunteers to use while they are rebuilding fences. However, if you have tools and equipment that can be used, you can make them available. You’re asked to advise BlazeAid if any of our tools or equipment are left behind on your property when our volunteers leave.
6. You are responsible for checking with ‘Dial Before You Dig’ that water pipes, gas pipes, electricity cables, fibre-optic cables, etc won’t be damaged during the fencing. In the event of any damage of this nature, you will be held solely responsible for such damage.
7. The safety and well-being of Volunteers and Proprietors is of paramount importance at all times. BlazeAid provides Volunteers aged 12 to 85 years with Personal Accident Insurance under our insurance policy.
8. Please ensure that your property, machines and equipment are in safe working order for the safety of BlazeAid volunteers who are using your equipment.
9. You are responsible for safety matters on your property while the Volunteers are present. At no stage is any volunteer to work alone.
10. Volunteers have safety issues explained to them each day by both the Camp Coordinator and their Team Leader. In the event that a Volunteer puts him/herself, other Volunteers or you at risk, you and the Team Leader should immediately contact the Camp Coordinator or Kevin Butler, BlazeAid Founder (0418 530 471) who will assess the situation and take appropriate action.
11. Volunteers who fail to wear their high visibility vest, goggles, gloves, earplugs and other relevant safety gear as required are in breach of Safety Procedures. If this occurs, please discuss it with the Team Leader, or contact the Camp Coordinator.
12. Drinking of alcohol or the use of recreational drugs before or during work is in breach of Safety Procedures and against BlazeAid policy. Drinking of alcohol before or during work or the use of recreational drugs at any time is in breach of Safety Procedures and against BlazeAid policy. If a volunteer breaches this policy, please contact Kevin Butler immediately.
13. When you register, you’ll be given a proposed starting date and information asking you to contacting the Camp Coordinator the day before you are ready for volunteers to come out, to reconfirm the appointment. This date is subject to us having enough volunteers to work with you on the day.
14. Team Leaders should phone you at approx 6.30am on the mornings we work with you. They will confirm directions to your property, find out what tools they need to bring, how many volunteers will be working with you, etc.
15. Please confirm with the Team Leader whether you need a team there again the next day, and if so, what work needs to be done – clearing, strainer posts, end assemblies, running wire and tying off, etc – so we can send the appropriate team and tools.
16. If volunteers have finished one section of work and won’t be needed for a few days or weeks, please phone the basecamp that afternoon to set another date with the Camp Coordinator. This date can be changed, if you need to. It is important that you contact us, so that we know how much more work is needed to be done from each basecamp.
17. Volunteers have given up their time with families, friends, their jobs, etc, to work with BlazeAid. Please show your appreciation to Volunteers, through thanks, praise and encouragement, etc. Volunteers will not accept money personally but donations may be made to BlazeAid, in which case a receipt will be issued from the office.

Thank you for inviting BlazeAid volunteers to work with you and your family.

BlazeAid helping communities rebuild after Natural Disasters.

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