Camp Coordinators

Our BlazeAid basecamps can only operate with the dedication and commitment of our Camp Coordinators.

BlazeAid Camp Coordinators facilitate the coordination of volunteers to work with rural families. They ensure that the camp runs smoothly, and within the existing BlazeAid Model.

As a Camp Coordinator, you can help change a community that has been affected by natural disasters. Not only do we help clear and rebuild fencing, we help families see a way ahead after the destruction of fires, floods and cyclones.

Camp Coordinators can be short-term or long term. Initially, you’ll work alongside someone at an existing basecamp to gain an understanding of what’s involved.

If you’re interested in becoming a Camp Coordinator, you need to:

  • have good people skills, and an ability to understand the level of despair that often exists after disasters;
  • be efficient and well organised, and willing to work within the existing BlazeAid Model;
  • have the ability to multi-task;
  • be in good health, and able to work long hours, often in a busy environment;
  • have a good sense of humour
  • preferably have previously volunteered with BlazeAid.

If you feel you meet these criteria and would like to discuss becoming a Camp Coordinator, please contact Kevin Butler on 0418 530 471 for a chat.





BlazeAid helping communities rebuild after Natural Disasters.

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