Clarke Creek QLD 2017

Cyclone Debbie QLD
Camp Status:  STARTING 13 MAY 2017

Fencing Starting:  13 May 2017
GPS co-ordinates:  
Co-ordinator:   Mary Howarth: 
0429 367 538
                                    John Lillico: 0412 815 800

Camp Stats as of 16/06/2017
Property Registered 16
Property started
Volunteers Registered 39
Volunteer Days 76
Cleared fencing 35km
Rebuilt Fence 18km

BEFORE ARRIVING: Please contact the basecamp at least the day prior to your intended arrival so we can include you in a team and put your name on the dinner list.  If possible, you should aim to arrive prior to 5pm.


DIRECTIONS: Clarke Creek is situated between Mackay and Rockhampton on the Old Bruce Highway. 790 km (491 mi) NW of Brisbane; 175 km (109 mi) NW of Rockhampton; 71 km (44 mi) W of Marlborough

BREAKFAST: From 6.30am

MUSTER:  7.15am  Mandatory for all volunteers working that day.
**If you are volunteering for a day at a time then returning home, you MUST be at our basecamp no later than 7am each morning and we MUST know that you are coming.

MEALS:  All meals will be provided.  Anyone with special dietary requirements may need to provide their own meals.

AMENITIES: Power Site for self contained Caravan/Camper/Tents/Swags, Showers and Toilets provided.

PHARMACY: There is no pharmacy in Clarke Creek, nearest pharmacy is located at Middlemount 86km away.
If you require special medication please make sure you call the pharmacy before you need your medication.
Soul Pattinson Chemist (07) 4985 7433

FUEL: There is no fuel in Clarke Creek, nearest fuel is in middlemount 86km away.

SUPERMARKET:  There is no supermarket, nearest supermarket is in Middlemount 86km away.

INSURANCE: As a condition of BlazeAid’s insurance, volunteers are not permitted to ride motor cycles, quad bikes, or ride in the back of utilities or trailers. As a general rule, a volunteer should not be on or in any conveyance that is not fitted with a seatbelt. Volunteers between 12 yrs and 80 yrs are insured while working with BlazeAid.

TETANUS & AMBULANCE COVER: Please ensure your tetanus vaccination is up to date and that you are covered for ambulance transport. Medicare & Our Insurer does not cover the cost of emergency transport or other ambulance services. … Health Care Concession Card, Pensioner Concession Card, and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders are entitled to free ambulance transport services.

PPE: We will provide Personal Protective Equipment however, if you have some good working gloves, we would appreciate it if you brought them with you.

PETS: Under no circumstances will dogs or other pets be allowed inside meeting/dining areas. Please call the Co-ordinator before arriving to confirm the location of the camp is pet friendly.

What To Bring: Old clothes – preferably long pants and long sleeved shirt (needed to help protect you from sunburn and barbed wire scratches), a broad-brimmed hat, Suitable shoes/boots/gumboots.

PHONE/INTERNET SERVICE: Limited Service in this area. Telstra 4GX devices only. Optus: Limited Service.


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