Conditions of Registration

Conditions of Registration with BlazeAlert

By registering to be part of BlazeAlert you are joining your neighbours to help prepare for the event of bushfire. In the event of a bushfire in your area you agree you will notify others who have registered to be part of BlazeAlert.
This BlazeAlert system is facilitated by BlazeAid Inc. as a community service. The role of BlazeAid Inc is however limited to maintaining the database. BlazeAid will, in no way, manage the response to any fire alert. BlazeAid will not call registered participants and how you respond to an alert of fire is a matter for your judgment. BlazeAid encourages everyone who lives in an area that may be affected by bushfire to consider joining their local Country Fire Authority (CFA) brigade. For those unable to unwilling to join the CFA, BlazeAid encourages you to take part in CFA community training and to get advice from the CFA on how to prepare your property for bushfire.
If you chose to respond to a BlazeAlert whether to defend your own property or assist your neighbour, you do so at your own risk. You must make your own judgment about what is safe and what assistance you can reasonably provide and BlazeAid accepts no liability for any injury or damage that may be caused by, or to, members of BlazeAlert.
BlazeAid makes no guarantee that participants will be notified in a timely manner, or at all, should a fire occur. Everyone who lives in an area that may be subject to bushfire should ensure that they have multiple channels for receiving warning information (for example, a battery operated radio, television, internet access and download relevant apps for smartphones) and these should be regularly checked during the fire danger periods. No one should expect or rely on receiving notification either from BlazeAlert, the CFA or the police.
In completing this registration we ask you to complete details about your property and contact details. BlazeAid will make every endeavour to keep your details confidential through use of passwords and a secure server. However, there is a slight possibility that our website will be compromised, and that your information will be accessed by external third parties. BlazeAid will not knowingly provide your information to external third parties without your permission.
The personal and contact information that is made available to you through the BlazeAlert online database must not be used for any purpose other than for which it is intended. Under no circumstances are you permitted to provide personal and contact information to any persons or organisations who are not participants in your local BlazeAlert.
By completing this material the information may assist the CFA or others to defend your property and you agree that you may, if requested, make your firefighting equipment available to assist in a firefighting effort. You are however under no obligation (except as provided by law) to assist in firefighting efforts. Further neither BlazeAid nor the participants in BlazeAlert accept any liability for any damage caused either by members of BlazeAlert, or the CFA accessing or failing to access the material contained here.


I have read and understood these conditions.