BlazeAlert Field Day 2 Dec 2018


If a fire erupts on your property or your neighbour’s property, there is a real potential that your livelihood could be destroyed. You must have a plan to meet this crisis before it gets out of hand.

While you can do much to prevent fires on your property, you need to be well prepared and have an immediate response plan ready to help yourself or your neighbours should a fire occur. To be properly prepared, you must COMMUNICATE, CO-OPERATE and CO-ORDINATE with your neighbours.


BLAZEALERT was established a few years ago by Kevin Butler, the founder of BlazeAid and is gaining momentum in Victoria. The idea of BlazeAlert is a co-ordinated network of local farmers helping other farmers by being well prepared to respond immediately to a report of a fire, and hold the spread until fire services arrive. Basically, clusters of local farmers set themselves up with standard fire-fighting equipment, they receive basic training from experienced fire fighters and are ready to respond in a co-ordinated manner should a fire occur.


BlazeAlert is organising the first Farm Fire Units Field Day at Kilmore East in Victoria is on SUNDAY 2ND DECEMBER.  The aim of the day is to further train, mobilise and connect together networks of Farm Units and CFA/CFS/RFS Units to be better prepared to deal with these devastating fire events.  


Bring along your Farm Fire Unit – you can camp overnight on my farm if needed.  Farmers are invited to participate in a series of simulated fire exercises including spraying out water on ‘burning’ grass, refilling water tanks from dams, chainsawing fallen trees from tracks, cutting fences and restraining, using the UHF radio to communicate with others – all the things you would typically do during a bush fire.  Points will be allocated to you towards a voucher to fund you for more/better fire fighting resources.


To ensure a successful Field Day, BlazeAlert needs assistance with FUNDING, both from businesses involved in supplying fire fighting equipment; from you the FARMER, some of whom have possibly been helped by BlazeAid in the past; and the private sector.

DONATIONS are crucial to making this day possible and helping to fund farmers for necessary fire fighting equipment (e.g. pumps, tanks, UHF radios) in preparation for the coming fire season through our voucher system.


BLAZEALERT needs you to DONATE towards making this event possible and the day a success, you can do so either by ringing Debbie on 0418 990-267 or through your bank to:

BSB 633-000 to
Account No. 150 267 011.

You must write/email that your donation is specifically for BlazeAlert
otherwise your donation will go into BlazeAid funds.
We are asking for donations from $50 to $500. All donations are tax deductible.


The first Farm Fire Units Field Day at Kilmore East in Victoria is on SUNDAY 2ND DECEMBER commencing at 8am at Kev’s Farm Corner of Nannys Creek Road and Saunders Road Kilmore East. Admission is free.


The day is open to all interested parties. So, if you’re a farmer and would like to know more about establishing a BLAZEALERT NETWORK IN YOUR AREA, come along to the Field Day and gauge for yourself the value of being prepared. VOLUNTEERS are welcome to help run the day.

If you need more information, please call Debbie on the above number or ring Kevin Butler on 0418 530-471.

Kind regards

Blazeaid inc

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