Julia Creek 2019

JULIA CREEK  2019 – Queensland Floods
Camp Status: OPEN – CLOSING 14TH JUNE 2019

Fencing Starting:  18 April 2019
Address:  McInTyre Park, Kynuna Road Julia Creek (about 1km from town)
Christine and Brian Carr  0428 984 117
Email:  juliacreek.blazeaid@gmail.com

BEFORE ARRIVING: Please contact the basecamp a day or two prior to your intended arrival so we can plan ahead and discuss arrangements. 


  • We prefer people to volunteer for a minimum period of one week on their property.
  • Volunteers do not need any special skills however if you have a particular skill, we may, with your permission, utilize that skill to the benefit of the property.
  • Volunteers will not be involved in the disposal of any cattle carcasses due to the possible presence of disease.
  • Depending on the work to be done and the wishes of the property owner, generally, only one couple will go to each property or where two couples might be travelling together, we will endeavor to send both couples to the same property.
  • Power, water, toilet and shower facilities will be available on the property.
  • Very few properties are located on a sealed road so you must be prepared to travel on gravel, and perhaps a muddy or dusty road.
  • For safety reasons, it is BlazeAid’s policy not to send one volunteer alone to a property. Solo volunteers might need to wait for another solo to arrive or they may be sent as a third person to a property.
  • Mobile phone signals can be very patchy or even non-existent in some areas.
  • Julia Creek has a small shopping centre which includes a butcher, an IGA, hardware, newsagent, two hotels and a number of other smaller shops.

VOLUNTEERS will be responsible for:

  • providing their own accommodation (caravan/motorhome/tent, etc). Generally, properties do not have sleeping accommodation or cooking facilities available for volunteers so you must be self-sufficient if possible.
  • catering for their own meals. BlazeAid can assist with some food items prior to you travelling to your property.   Some properties may assist with meals however, we don’t want to place an extra burden on those who have been devastated by the flood.  Do not expect that you will be catered for.
  • ensuring their tetanus vaccination is up to date and that they are covered for ambulance transport.  Medicare & our insurerdo not cover the cost of emergency transport or other ambulance services and it can be quite expensive in the ‘outback’.

MEDICAL:  There is now a pharmacy in Julia Creek so prescriptions and other medical needs can be filled there.

There is a doctor available in town and Julia Creek has a small hospital.  Medivacs are carried out by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

INSURANCE: As a condition of BlazeAid’s insurance, volunteers are not permitted to ride motor cycles, quad bikes, or ride in the back of utilities or trailers while on a property.   As a general rule, a volunteer should not be on or in any conveyance that is not fitted with a seatbelt. Volunteers between 12 yrs and 80 yrs are insured while working with BlazeAid.

Dogs: While BazeAid has no objection to you bringing your pet dog, most property owners have numerous working dogs and might not want another dog on their property.  There are exceptions.

 What To Bring: Old clothes – preferably long pants and long sleeved shirt (needed to help protect you from sunburn and barbed wire scratches), a broad-brimmed hat and sturdy footware.  Sunscreen and insect repellent might be useful.

We will provide Personal Protective Equipment however, if you have some good working gloves, we would appreciate it if you brought them with you.