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Rhonda and Kevin Butler, after addressing Rotary International


BlazeAid founders, Kevin and Rhonda Butler of Kilmore East, wish to acknowledge and honour everyone involved in BlazeAid.

For over 10 months after the Black Saturday fires, BlazeAid volunteers helped rebuild the fences and lives of so many of those affected by the devastating bushfires of February 7th 2009.

BlazeAid honoured with Order of the Outback

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Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club of Queensland made a very kind donation to BlazeAid towards NW Queensland Flood Recovery

This is a story from two of the members of the 4WD Club and some photos:

In March, we volunteered for the first time with BlazeAid, and spent nearly three weeks at Richmond, Queensland helping a property owner hit hard by the floods in February.

From fencing, building property roads, unloading and stacking hay bales, cutting a truck load of pipe for strainer posts and helping to save a sick steer, we undertook any job that was required to be done.

It was one of the best experiences of our lives and so rewarding for us knowing we had been able to help make someone’s life a bit easier.

John Lillico was the BlazeAid co-ordinator at Richmond and was terrific in organising everything and making sure the volunteers received anything they

Paul and Sheryl Lee
Mitsubishi 4WD Owners’ Club of Qld (Inc)






BlazeAid Receives assistance from farmer groups in South Australia 

Blazeaid received delivery of 6 new fully equipped combat trailers and 1 workshop trailer.  Many thanks to Viterra, Glencore and Lower North Grain Growers in South Australia.  This will help Blazeaid’s future assistance to those families and communities effected by natural disaster in South Australia.







A Big Thank You to The Arkaba Hotel




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BlazeAid’s Work 2009 – 2018 

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These figures show the amazing amount of work done by our volunteers. However, they don’t reflect the humanitarian impact our volunteers have on the local communities. The help and hope that BlazeAid brings to rural families after natural disasters can’t be quantified, but is even more important than the fencing and other work completed.

10% of sales from Cathy’s new book will be donated to BlazeAid.

The Curse of Verse

The Curse Of Verse, A Poet’s Lament ” is a creative cauldron of 13 poems, on topics ranging from the beauty of Nature, to personal challenges and social observations, to name a few. Each page contains beautiful colour photos.

Author Cathy Gagiero of Clonbinane, Victoria was heavily impacted by the Black Saturday bushfires, and was helped by BlazeAid. Cathy’s poetry writing began after the fires and this is her second published book of verse. She describes this book as “a celebration of life!”


For more details on the book, please contact Cathy on 03 5787 1561 or email



Macca Visited BlazeAid in May 2009


Macca took a trip down to Kilmore to see how BlazeAid was going. Several volunteers chatted with Macca about working for BlazeAid during the broadcast on 26th April.

People have come from “all over” Australia and from overseas to volunteer.

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BlazeAid helping communities rebuild after Natural Disasters.

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