In Memory of Long Bob

In Loving Memory of Long Bob (Bob Cross, Westdale, via Tamworth)

Long Bob Legend 1


Long Bob is a BlazeAid Legend. He first came to BlazeAid at Kev’s Shed in 2009, where he was known as “Bob from Tamworth.” He eventually became know to one and all as Long Bob.


Long Bob will be remembered with love and affection by all he met. From his ready smile, cheeky sense of humour, genuine desire to help all people he came into contact with, to his seemingly endless energy, Long Bob made a lasting impression on us all.


He was up before most to cook breakfast (including his famous porridge), and was usually still working after tea, helping to wash or dry dishes, cleaning – whatever needed to be done.







Long Bob writing one of his many letters (2)



Long Bob was well known for his letter-writing. Whenever there was a bit of spare time, Bob loved to keep in touch with friends. The local post office at each camp knew him well. He received more mail than anyone else – even many of the locals!





IMG_1141    Long Bob with the fencing sign

We thought Long Bob would just keep on going, and be with us at basecamps for years to come. He passed away in his sleep, while staying with friends on his trip through WA.


He will be sorely missed, but his name will live on in our hearts, and tales of Long Bob will be told with tears and much laughter whenever BlazeAiders come together.


We’re thankful that Long Bob came to Kev’s Shed in 2009, and that he’s been part of our BlazeAid family. Our lives would have been the poorer for not having met this wonderful, loving, caring, fun-loving gentleman.