Scotsburn Base Camp

Camp Status: OPENING ON 4TH JANUARY 2016
GPS co-ordinates:
Co-ordinator: David (please contact via email until camp opens)


Getting to Camp:  

Camp Details:



Other Details:  

What to Bring:Hat   (preferably wide-brimmed), solid soled shoes/boots, medications (no closeby pharmacy).  Personal Protective Equipment will be provided.
Tetanus: Volunteers are working with wire and other debris, so we
recommend that you ensure that your Tetanus injection is up to date.

Ambulance Cover:  Volunteers are strongly advised to have Ambulance Cover when they come to the basecamps. We have Volunteer Insurance (not WorkCover) for incidents that occur while you are working. However, if you need an ambulance for any incident that isn’t covered by insurance, you could face a bill for thousands of dollars.