What to Bring

What to bring

You do not have to bring everything on this list, but please bring it if you can.

If you are volunteering for one day:

  • mobile phone if you have one, for the safety reasons
  • sturdy footwear (Good boots etc. No flimsy footwear will be permitted)
  • gaiters (plastic leg coverings from the shoe to the ankle or knee)
  • a waterproof jacket, beanie, gloves
  • long sleeved shirts and long trousers – it is a good idea to have a few layers of clothes so that you can adjust as you warm up or cool down
  • sun-hat (with a fly-net if you have one)
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • mosquito/insect repellent
  • first-aid kit
  • wet-wipes (nice for refreshing yourself on the job site, cleaning up before lunch, etc)
  • sturdy water bottles to refill each day.

If you are volunteering for a more than one day at a time, as well as the items above, please also bring, if you can:

  • sleeping bag, sheets and pillow if you are using our accommodation (you must bring these as we cannot provide them)
  • camp stretcher, swag, inflatable mattress if you are using our accommodation (we have a limited number available)
  • a caravan, motorhome, tent, etc
  • all personal clothing. The weather will be varied, so you will need clothes for warm to hot days and cool to cold nights. Long trousers and shirts are recommended to avoid sunburn and also to minimize bites from mosquitoes
  • toiletries, towels, etc
  • ear plugs in case you are in a dorm room with a snorer
  • all medications – please bring enough to last during the period you will be volunteering, as local supplies may be limited
  • sunglasses, reading glasses, etc
  • torch
  • snacks for morning and afternoon tea, drinks, etc
  • books, card games, etc

If you have special dietary needs, you will need to bring some or all of your own food.


We prefer that you do not bring alcohol. BlazeAid is a ‘small drinking’ organization.  Volunteers are able to have a quiet drink after work or with their evening meal.


Volunteers are working with wire and other debris, so we recommend that you ensure that your Tetanus injection is up to date.


Volunteers are strongly advised to have Ambulance Cover when they come to the basecamps. We have Volunteer Insurance (not WorkCover) for incidents that occur while you are working. However, if you need an ambulance for any incident that isn’t covered by insurance, you could face a bill for thousands of dollars.



Please come with a smile and lots of goodwill.