Welcome to BlazeAid  –  a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods. Working alongside the rural families, our volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.



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Give A Farmer A Break


Equally important, volunteers also help to lift the spirits of people who are often facing their second or third flood event after years of drought, or devastating losses through bushfires. BlazeAid volunteers work in a disaster-affected area for many months, not only helping individuals and families, but also helping rebuild the local communities.

BlazeAid volunteers:
Not just rebuilding fences, but helping rebuild lives.

“We asked you to come help us rebuild our fences but you guys have done way more than that, you have helped us rebuild our broken community.  For that we are forever grateful to you and all the amazing volunteers.”
Maree Perkins, Monto, Qld, 2013 Flood

Give A Farming Family a Break -Blazeaid and Need For Feed come together to fight The BIG Dry in NSW, SA and Qld 

The Initiative

 BlazeAiders and Need for Feed Volunteers and holiday/ beach house providers are urged to combine together to offer  a farmer a hand on farm or/ and a break away to a well needed holiday to Kakadu, Sunshine Coast or Tassie! 

This would be away from their desperate daily plight feeding sheep and cattle on their drought stricken farms. 

NO or little rain is predicted by BOM for the next three months- there is a huge concern for the mental health of farmers as many are now at breaking point. 

Who and How to help

Handy and commonsense volunteers would be feeding and watering stock on host farms alongside with them OR (after induction) while their owners take a clean break for a week to 10 days

There would be some fencing, gardening and other maintenance jobs as well. 

People and holiday businesses who may have a beach house or holiday to share for a week or so and are asked to post its availability on our Facebook pages ( or phone/text/ email is) inviting farming families to make contact directly with them to book a highly appreciated holiday. 

Farmers and Volunteers  Please watch the Need for Feed and BlazeAid Facebook pages for both farmers / volunteers/ holiday offers and requests 

We ask you to respond with help – no matter how small -as it’s your actions which will make the difference. 

What To Do Now

Register your help/ need / offer of a holiday break away from the farm on these Facebook pages: 

  • Need for Feed
  • BlazeAid
  • BlazeAid Grey Nomads

Volunteers can be screened by phoning BlazeAid or Need for Feed and farmers verified by calling their local Shire council for authenticity or have Blazeaid to follow up

Or for Enquiries: 

Phone, Text or Email
Kevin Butler
BlazeAid Founder 0418530471

Graeme Cockerell 
Need for Feed Founder
0459 444 111


Blazeaid is seeking donations towards the Post and Wire Drive to help South West farmers after the devastating fires on St Patrick’s Day 2018.  These donations will go toward post and wire to farmers who desperately need help.  

If you would like to donate to BlazeAid and have your money go to a our Posts & Wire Drive for deserving and appreciative  farmers, simply let us know via email at admin@blazeaid.com.au or ring Debbie on 0418 990 172.  You can use any of the donation methods outlined on our Donations Page.










Blazeaid received $10,000 gift card donations from Eel Skinners and Duck Pluckers BNS Club Lismore. Thank you so much from all the Blazeaid Team.
L to Right John Male, Chris Male, Ash and Nathan







BlazeAid is now a registered charity with PBI status. 

A Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) is a type of charity which has a predominant (main) purpose of relieving needs arising from conditions such as poverty, sickness, distress or helplessness. This is known as providing ‘benevolent relief’.

PBI status is recognised by ACNC and ATO alike and BlazeAid can now provide its donors with tax deductible receipts.  This is a very welcome annoucement and BlazeAid looks forward to being able to provide DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) to its donors.


Rural communities in all Australian States
If you have been affected by a natural disaster, please visit our Fencing Help page for information about having BlazeAid volunteers working with you.

Please click here for information about How to Establish a BlazeAid basecamp in your area.

Overview Statistics 2009 – 2016

These figures show the amazing amount of work done by our volunteers. However, they don’t reflect the humanitarian impact our volunteers have on the local communities. The help and hope that BlazeAid brings to rural families after natural disasters can’t be quantified, but is even more important than the fencing and other work completed.

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40203_listing_smallBlazeAid Patron
Ian “Macca” McNamara is the Patron of BlazeAid. We thank him for his wonderful support in helping BlazeAid find volunteers to help with our fence rebuilding. ABC radio and TV have been invaluable in their support of BlazeAid since its inception in 2009. Hundreds of our volunteers have heard about BlazeAid through the ABC, especially on Macca s Australia All Over. We look forward to a long ongoing relationship with the ABC, especially with Macca on Sunday mornings.

Please check this website regularly for updates.

BlazeAid volunteers:

Not just rebuilding fences, but helping rebuild lives.

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