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Blaze Aid Inc

70 Nannys Crk Rd
Kilmore East.
Victoria 3764

Please note.
BlazeAid does not have an office location.

Rhonda and Kevin Butler have a sheep farm and a truck delivery business. These operate seven days a week, usually from early morning to early evening. Rhonda and Kevin volunteer their time to BlazeAid in addition to running their businesses.

Our Camp Coordinators volunteer their time, and work long days at the basecamps.
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There is a lot of information on our website that should answer most of your questions.

We’d appreciate you reading the relevant pages before you contact us.

Debbie Buttler,  General Enquiries, Donation enquiries, Administration, Queries,  IT enquiries
Ph: 0418 990 267

Melissa Jones, Operations Manager
0436 316 955

Rhonda Butler, Founder. General enquiries.
Ph: 0417 552 116,

Kevin Butler, Founder and President
0418 530 471

Christine Male, Vice President and Camp Co-ordinator.
General enquiries
Ph: 0418 745 994

Shane Stafford, General Enquiries
Ph:  0427 221 018

Twitter: kevin@blazeaid




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BlazeAid helping communities rebuild after Natural Disasters.

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